Asma Shollert

Registered Kinesiologist | Certified Exercise Physiologist |
Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist | Reiki 1

I have been passionate about health and sports since a very young age. Taking on every sport available to me in school I found movement was the key to living better, happier and healthier. I traded my initial goals of becoming a Doctor to getting my Specialized Honours degree in Kinesiology and Health Sciences from York University. My goal was to help educate people on the preventative side of health, before they stepped into the Doctors office. 

I worked hard to obtain every top training certification out there so I could help every person that walked through my door. I am a Registered Kinesiologist, Certified Exercise Physiologist (CEP), Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), and a Stott Pilates-trained Matwork Instructor.

My first job out of University was working with Figure Skaters and I fell in love with tailoring the training program to being more sport-specific to help these athletes reach their goals. Having always admired the sport from a distance it became an area of specialty for me as I dedicated my research and time for developing this area of expertise. This is also where I met my husband so I am also truly grateful for this.

Over the years I have extensively worked with other athletes namely in hockey including NHL level, ski racing & snowboarding through Alpine Ontario, tennis and swimming. I have also worked with the Toronto Police in their recruit fitness training and testing of the specialized units as well as teaching in the Police Foundations programs at the college level and helping students to meet the Fitness Standards for the PREP and PIN Tests. 

In 2021 I became certified in Fascial Stretch Therapy and in 2023 I achieved my Reiki Level 1 Certification.

My Services

Bio Charging

The BioCharger™ enables YOU to proactively improve YOUR health and wellness by harnessing the energy around us and merging it with cutting edge technology.

The BioCharger NG utilizes four different energy types – Light, Voltage, Frequencies & Harmonics, and Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields (PEMFs).  It is the first energy platform of its kind to incorporate all four of these beneficial energies into one body treatment.

Kinesiology & Personal Training

Kinesiologists diagnose and treat individuals of all ages, from newborns to people at the end of life. Many patients have injuries, disabilities, or other health conditions that need treatment. But PTs also care for people who simply want to become healthier and to prevent future problems.

Kinesiologists examine each person and then develop a treatment plan to improve their ability to move, reduce or manage pain, restore function, and prevent disability.

Kinesiologists can have a profound effect on people’s lives. They help people achieve fitness goals, regain or maintain their independence, and lead active lives.

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