About Us

Our Story

We are dreamers who have a vision for a World that lives simply, naturally, and mindfully. Our passion for living well started decades ago and has evolved into not only living well and healthy but living soulfully, living consciously, and being the full expression of ourselves; mind, body, & soul.

We came together in what feels like Divine guidance and this space has evolved slowly out of our inner core desire to create a safe space for people to heal, and grow with support, knowledge and full acceptance. This was something we needed in our past but didn’t have, so we created it!

We know through personal experience how difficult certain life situations can be and how much we all need help, support, and guidance. Our space is here to inspire you to take charge of your health, your growth and your joy.

Asma is a Registered Kinesiologist and Strength & Conditioning Specialist and Ryan a Professional Figure Skater and National Level Athlete.