Asana (the physical practice of yoga) has the power to shape, strengthen, challenge, and push you beyond your limit both; body and mind. Our method focuses on mobility rather than just a series of postures linked together. We create sequences that allow students to open the body up safely, and move in functional ways that are useful in daily life, not just on a yoga mat. The end goal is to get you to move fluidly so you can be in your own flow. These fluid movements strengthen muscles and create stability in the joints so students can flow through life off the mat with ease and confidence. We believe this is a practice for everybody, no matter how young or stiff, and it’s one that requires time, dedication, and consistency. What comes from this practice doesn’t just show up one day to stay. It takes work, every day! That’s why it’s called a practice. We practice finding peace, and balance both inside and out, we practice connecting to our shared humanity.  We practice, and practice, and practice, with love, and acceptance, and joy, for who we are and how we are. There are many roads to maintaining good health, opening up the body to keep it fluid is essential to our mental and physical health but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. We need to go much deeper for true Mind, Body, Soul healing.

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