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I started practicing yoga over 15 years ago and have been teaching various movement forms in Toronto for over 11 years. I have specialized in Vinyasa Yoga, Prenatal yoga, and Functional mobility. The practice of yoga has led me through a continuous evolution of my physical, intellectual and emotional being. Yoga is much more than a ritual, a movement practice, or meditative escape; I don’t see it as something I do, but something I am. Something we all are. This practice of coming back to ourselves is ‘yoga’ and because we are always changing, the practice is never over. We have to continually seek our truth with love, acceptance and patience. This is the place I live from, and teach from. 

Asana (the physical practice of yoga) has the power to shape, strengthen, challenge, and push you beyond your limit both; body and mind. My method focuses on mobility rather than just a series of postures linked together. I create sequences that allow students to open the body up safely, and move in functional ways that are useful in daily life, not just on a yoga mat. The end goal is to get you to move fluidly so you can be in your own flow. These fluid movements strengthen muscles and create stability in the joints so students can flow through life off the mat with ease and confidence. I believe this is a practice for everybody, no matter how young or stiff, and it’s one that requires time, dedication, and consistency. What comes from this practice doesn’t just show up one day to stay. It takes work, every day! That’s why it’s called a practice. We practice finding peace, and balance both inside and out, we practice connecting to our shared humanity.  We practice, and practice, and practice, with love, and acceptance, and joy, for who we are and how we are. There are many roads to maintaining good health, opening up the body to keep it fluid is essential to our mental and physical health but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. We need to go much deeper for true Mind, Body, Soul healing.

What is a yoga flow?

A state of flow is a state of consciousness in which we feel our best, we lose sense of time and effort. The inner chatter stops and we step into the here and now of just being OURSELVES, no label, no Judgement. You are the surfer in the wave. 

Vinyasa yoga is a form of ‘Mind Body Movement’, a series of postures linked together in a natural, fluid sacred, manner. Vinyasa is a sacred cycle, like the cycle of birth and death, or the moon cycles monthly and yearly. To move in this manner is like moving in waves, and allowing the natural state of flow to guide the body and breath. When we allow ourselves to move and breathe in this manner, we are opening up energy channels and releasing energy that is stagnant in the body. When we can do this without any mental effort, it is like a meditation giving the mind space, no thoughts, no questions, no judgments, just space to be and witness itself. 

Any movement done in the sate of flow, passion, and presence is mind body therapy, however this is not so easy to achieve. Our job is to give you the tools to enter your own state of flow and access that as much as possible during a class.

What helps getting into the flow?

  1. BREATH!!!! the magical life force called the breath.
  2. Be WILLING to go without question, doubt, hesitations, judgments. Be willing to be led and let go of trying to control where you’re going. 
  3. SMILE, smile at you, smile at the world, smile from your heart and notice the lightness that appears all around you, allow that lightness to guide you.
  4. BE IN THE BODY not the brain. Your body has all the intelligence, it’s your body that senses danger and negative and positive energy. Your body is a wealth of intuition and intelligence, trust and listen to it. Follow what feels good to the body.

This is a practice for everyone no matter how young or stiff, and one that comes with time.

We offer:

  • Vinyasa for beginners 
  • Vinyasa level 1-2

Vinyasa for Beginners
This is a complimentary class offered to all H2 Om guests. 
It can be accessed here.

This class is designed for those who are new to yoga and need to or want to start with the basics.

We break down each pose in a way that’s easy to understand and then visually demonstrate how it looks and the subtle adjustments you can do on your own at home.

It’s perfect for a new yogi or as a refresh for someone who has done yoga before and wants to know more, or who is interested in proper alignment and posture, or to simply feel assured they are moving correctly. This class involves more talking and intervals for teaching and learning. Movement will happen for the last part of the class where we implement what we learnt in terms of the basic yoga postures and their alignment. See you in class!

Vinyasa Flow Level 1:
This is a class designed for everyone who has taken our complimentary yoga for beginners’ class. You must already know the basics of the various yoga postures.

In this class we start off slow and offer many modifications that can accommodate a yogi who is a bit tighter or the more advanced yogi. This is a fluid class that links each pose together seamlessly to a blissful playlist. See you in class!

Vinyasa Flow Level 1-2:
This class is designed for the more comfortable yogi who is familiar with the vinyasa flow class offered in Level 1 and is looking for a faster class with a bit more focus on strength as well as moving towards more challenging poses and variations. Like all vinyasa classes this is a blissful flow to awesome tunes that will recharge, inspire , and ground you. See you in class!

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