Lifestyle Transformation Challenge

A program designed to elevate the way you live, think, and feel. We cover your transformation journey from Nutrition + Hydration to mobility, counseling, body work and self love practices.

Full Lifestyle 30 Day Transformation Package

  • 60 mins Holistic Nutrition online session 1x/week
  • 60 min Hydration Education & 30 day Anti-oxidant rich water trial
  • 60 min Physical Therapy (Tesla Stretch) in house 1x/week
  • 60 min Yoga & Mobility session online 2x/week
  • 60 min Meditation & Sound Therapy online session 1x/week
  • 60 min Counselling & Self Love sessions (in house or online) 1x/week

= $1880 + HST (Current Promo take $250 off)

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