Medical Grade Water Systems

We retail medical grade water systems and offer educational science sessions on optimal hydration, and its impact on our overall health and lifestyle.

A Greener Lifestyle with Kangen Water

We are proud to sell the most powerful antioxidant machine you can have in your home.

Our water system features 8 titanium plates, platinum dipped (99.8%) for improved water ionization and increased anti oxidant potential.

Our medical grade, patented water system generates 5 types of water to meet all your household needs;

9.5 pH supreme hydration, alkazide water.

11.5 pH anti inflammatory water for external body use, and drinking, as well as cleaning all fruits and veggies.

2.5 pH medical grade disinfectant and sanitizer for all surfaces.

6.0 pH beauty water that hydrates and tones skin, preserves frozen food and is excellent for plants and window cleaning.

7.0 pH for baby formula and slow release medication.

Our system removes all harmful substances and bacteria including chlorine leaving you with only MINERAL ION WATER; a blend of natural spring ingredients and safe minerals.

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