Anita Ramroop

Leadership Coach | P.Eng, M.Eng, PMP

Leadership is a way of being

Being a leader has stretched, challenged and broken me into designing my own unique leadership style.  I thought being a successful leader meant I had to fit in leaving me feeling divided from my authentic self.  Through introspection, learning from great leaders, and investing in my own self-development, I reconciled within myself – in order to be a leader that will have a positive impact in my organization but more importantly the people I get to lead, I must lead with integrity, honesty and loyalty.

I have 20 years of experience in the aerospace and defence industry leading small and large teams with my current role leading a team of 270 employees.  I am a licensed engineer and have completed leadership programs at the Niagara Institute For Creative Leadership and High Performance Leaders.  

Out of my passion for leadership and developing the potential in people, I’ve tailored leadership fundamentals and techniques to marry both the feminine and masculine qualities within us in order to lead in alignment with your best self.  My purpose is to help you leave a legacy larger than yourself. I am the founder of Leading ImperHERfectly Consulting.

My Services

1-1 Leadership Coaching & Mentorship

Whether you are starting out on your leadership journey or a seasoned leader, my approach to coaching and mentoring is to focus on your strengths and values to help you grow into your authentic leadership style.  Developing a foundation that is in alignment with your body, mind and spirit in order to create the platform to push beyond limitations toward achievement.  Success is built from resiliency, leaning into vulnerability and learning to be comfortable being uncomfortable – I will shared with you tools and frameworks that will support your journey of growth and transformation.  The ultimate goal is to have meaningful impact on all those you lead, including yourself.

Mindful Leader Programs - Leading in Alignment

Program 1: – 7 Coaching Sessions + 2 BioCharging Sessions $999 + Hst

This one of a kind leadership program is developed in alignment with the seven energies centres (chakras) within us by detailing our key fundamental principles and practices for effective leadership. As a leader, it is imperative we first lead ourselves before leading others and in this 7 week program, you will:

(i) explore your values, strengths, blind-spots and limiting beliefs

(ii) develop the confidence to give effective feedback

(iii) strengthen your team(s) performance

(iv) be equipped with tools and techniques for effective problem solving, communication and time management.

Program 2: – 11 Coaching Sessions + 2 BioCharging Sessions $1333 + Hst

Expand the 7 Session program above to also include:      

(i) Organizational Design

(ii) Mission/Visioning Strategy Development

(iii) Goal Setting / People Development

Workshop/Special Events

Quantum Alignment – Mastermind Course

The Quantum Alignment Mastermind is designed to shift your thinking and energy into complete alignment for quantum changes in your life. You will explore what has been holding you back and gather the tools to master your energy in order to move you into the direction of your highest potential.

Are you ready to upgrade your life? Schedule a 30 min intake with our Leadership Coach Anita, to get started on your journey! Limited spots available for this incredible 5 session Mastermind.

Course Dates: Saturday Feb 3rd, Mar 2nd, Apr 6th, May 4th & Jun 1st, 6-7:30pm.
$377 + tax

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