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Raising Your Vibration

Intro workshop to self awareness and assessing your vibration; in this workshop we identify the habits and patterns in our life that are guiding our vibration and impacting our body, mind, and spirit.

Once we assess where we are, we can determine a positive course of action towards elevating to a higher level of living, loving and being.

Hormonal Therapies & Natural Stimulation of Oxytocin

In this workshop we teach you different habits you can incorporate in daily life to increase oxytocin and live a meaningful loving life.

Hormonal Protocol for Women

Pre Meno and Post Menopausal
In this workshop we teach you how to balance your hormones through a holistic lifestyle including:
- Vitamins + supplements
- Herbs and Teas
- Essential oils
- Food
- Exercise
- Spiritual enlightenment

Self Love Workshop

This workshop is designed to bring awareness towards your own feelings of worthiness and self love.

Here we identify your fears and personal values which affect how you connect with yourself and others, And provide you with tools that empower you to become conscious of what you are, what you want, and how you can create it.

The Love Agreement

This workshop teaches you what ‘Relating’ is all about. Here we develop concepts you can grasp and implement so you can learn to love with ‘healthy intentions’.

We help you understand and implement Gary Chapman’s ‘ 5 LOVE LANGUAGES’, and become aware of old love patterns in thought and behaviors that are unhealthy and guide you towards making an action to change them.

Living Goddess Workshop

This is a workshop designed to serve all of the beautiful women of this planet and elevate them to embody their Divine Feminine essence. The workshop gives a brief breakdown into the duality of our world (day/night, light/dark, sun/moon) and the energies of those dual qualities. When we speak of the Divine Feminine, we are not referring to a specific gender but rather an energy. Any gender can naturally embody any energy they feel aligned with.

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