Stefany Yumul

Medical Aesthetician | Holistic Aesthetician
My journey with health and wellness all began through skincare and learning to embrace the skin we are in. I am a Medical Aestehtician with a focus on a Holistic approach. Now I am a Holistic Aesthetician that focuses on providing you information on healthy skin through the use of natural skincare products. 
I want to be able to guide my clients and show them the benefits of healthy skin both mentally and physically. Through a Holistic approach, I use the facial treatments as a way to help connect my clients mind, body, and soul. Allowing each person to feel complete serenity, alleviate stress, and indulge in self-love. I also specialize in Marma Point Therapy, which targets to balance and encourage proper flow between our three Doshas. 
I am passionate about helping others feel empowered through their skin and can’t wait to be a part of your journey. My goal is to help you heal your body starting from within.” 
Love & Light, 

My Services

Glowing Goddess Facial & Massage

This is a natural beauty healing experience that soothes the sense and enhanced radiance from the inside out. An experience that helps you tap into your divine essence and natural beauty.

Head and Neck Massage | Lymphatic Drainage

Head & Neck Massage | Full Body Lymphatic Drainage

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