Ligia Baraian

Licensed RN & Holistic Nurse | Spiritual & Emotional Counselor

I was a practicing RN since 1994, and after 20 plus years in the field I felt
an urgent calling to go beyond western medicine. I felt patients needed care that was beyond the scope of science and most certainly pharmaceuticals.
Witnessing and assisting various families and patients over two decades gave me a deep and revealing perspective into our deeper diseases, those of the soul and our emotional bodies.
I am an experienced registered nurse that combines the classic traditional western
method of healing with alternative holistic nursing care and help patients with their physical diseases, but also their mental, emotional, and spiritual afflictions.
After my decades in the medical system I trained in holistic therapies for alternative medical care and have since been practicing holistic psychotherapy and counselling as a form of both preventative disease and as a therapy for many current physical ailments.

I offer counseling, guidance, and help you heal all aspects and areas of your
life. My methods include a blend of western clinical practice and holistic therapy.
Depending on client needs I use various types of massage therapy, talk therapy, and mental analysis. I plan individualized treatments for each client thinking about body, mind, and soul.
I also have extensive experience with couple’s therapy, cancer recovery, and addiction.

My Services

Holistic Counseling
& Talk Therapy

 Our holistic approach to counselling and personal guidance focuses on the entire human being and their life experiences as a means to assess and treat. We first have an initial assessment to give the patient insight into their current mental, spiritual, and emotional state; the place where they are starting from. This is like a spiritual X-RAY into your entire being. From here the journey of healing and rediscovering your true self begins. Our goal is to empower and inspire you to live your TRUTH in FREEDOM.

Therapeutic Touch

 This is a massage that uses healing touch to awaken the body and remove emotional blockage. This mind body therapy is ideal for anyone feeling stuck, stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed with life.

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