Julia Sari

Health and fitness have been a focus for me since a very young age. Growing up I enjoyed many sports including tennis, horseback riding, yoga and ballet but the one that really stuck was figure skating.

Those years spent in cold rinks training and competing did not turn me to an Olympic champion but it did give me the career of my dreams – Professional figure skating performer. Working as a professional I have performed on 5 continents and 3 oceans, in countless countries and on numerous seas for the best companies around. Grateful is not enough to describe it.

When sport is your life, your job, you are vividly aware of maintaining your body, your health and wellbeing. After all if it fails, you are off training or out of work and your performance suffers. For this reason I have always been mindful of how I train, and what I consume and the products I use with a strong focus on everything that will support and serve my health positively.

My introduction to Electrolyzed reduced Water was a long time coming but now it is in my life there is no way I am letting it go. Ever! This technology has transformed the way my husband and I view what we eat and drink and how we look after our home.

Despite being relatively fit and healthy, and not having any major issues with our health we too still notice numerous improvements in our wellness. From increased energy and quicker muscle recovery to clearer skin and more restful sleep. Every day we incorporate this technology in our lives and have been phasing out all forms of chemicals from our home including cleaning and cosmetic products that have many hidden, proven harmful ingredients.

I truly believe if we don’t take time to focus on our wellness, we will be forced to take time to look after our illness.

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