Joana Peixoto

Ayurvedic Massage and Skin Care Specialist
Movement Teacher | Sound Therapist | Body Talk Practitioner

I have been studying and teaching movement for 15 years.
I started with basic yoga teacher training, later specialized in vinyasa and completed 500 RYTT. That took me into studying mobility and functional movement and over the last 4 years I have developed movement sequences that open, strengthen and inspire our mental and physical being.
What began as a yoga practice led me to a continuous evolution of my physical, intellectual and emotional being.

What I explore and teach is the practice of coming back to ourselves. ‘Yoga’ is a union union with our truth, our untainted essence.
Because we are always changing, the practice is never over.
We have to continually seek our truth with love, acceptance and patience. This is the place I live from, teach from, and treat from.


I believe movement is essential for every ‘BODY’ to help release and restore balance. Our body needs movement to remain fluid and supple as it once was when we were kids.
Our bodies have to endure our entire life. It holds physical and emotional strain which if kept hidden is the root of all disease.
Emotion – “ energy in motion” needs to shift or transmute, otherwise it eats you up.
Movement and breath are one way. And that is why movement is so powerful, all movement, yoga, dancing, swimming etc.

After many years of teaching students to work their physical bodies the natural progression was to then go deeper. I studied the ancient science of Ayurveda and fell in love with its many therapies for healing and wellness. Our physical body is a reflection of our internal emotional and spiritual body which cannot be ignored, in fact it must come first. We are not what we eat, We are what we digest. Meaning what we don’t processes and release emotionally, we become.

After many years of fighting my calling, and rejecting the parts of myself that needed healing, a broken marriage finally showed me all the broken parts in myself that had brought me to that place. Our external life is a reflection of our internal one, what comes out of us in relationships is what’s inside of us.

It became undeniable that I had much inside that I needed to heal , transmute , and transform. And no one could do it for me, only me, this set me on a path of ‘RADICAL SELF LOVE’.

My life with all its massive heart breaks, has been my greatest gift because I changed perspective, and that is what I want to help others do.

But before we can change perspective we need to heal, we need to learn to feel and be ok with feelings that aren’t all that wonderful.
We live in a culture that teaches us not to feel, just be happy, be positive, move on to the next, have a drink, buy a dress and switch on and off like a robot. ALL LIES

WE ARE spiritual beings living this human experience and we need to come back to life…our true life, our spiritual essence, and we need to learn to feel, and be ok with emotion and learn to move it, transmute it, sooth it from the inside out not from the outside in.

What do I do ?
I use movement, massage, body talk and sound therapy to tap into the deeper energy systems of the body and through that we can begin to heal and release past emotional trauma. When we release the traumas that weigh our body and spirit we rise , we elevate to higher consciousness, to Love
Love is the only thing that heals, and love is the highest level of consciousness.

It’s a “Soul Surgery” for those who want to live soulfully.

My goal is to help you live your life soulfully, with ease, with love, with peace, with grace.
It’s not an easy road, but its a beautiful one I can promise you that.
I believe we are here to help each other heal, to connect, grow, and blossom. The sunshine is available for everyone we just have to be open and ready to receive it.

Every day is an opportunity for you to make something better, someone happier, and that first someone must you. When you heal yourself, you heal everything that comes in contact with you. Healing you is your part in healing the world.


“Listen to the world with the body, feel the world through the breath”

My Services

Ayurvedic Bali

This is a natural beauty healing experience that soothes the sense and enhanced radiance from the inside out. An experience that helps you tap into your divine essence and natural beauty.
Steps: We cleanse, purify, exfoliate, tone, scrub, apply two Masks and finish with a rejuvenating glaze that will leave you with glowing radiant youthful skin.
A must for every man and woman looking to preserve and enhance their natural beauty and youthful skin.

Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage

Ancient therapeutic treatment from India that focus on your head, neck and shoulders using a variety of pressure points to rebalancing the pineal and pituitary glands (the motherboard of our entire body system)
Helps to reduce insomnia, depression, brain fog, stress and anxiety with a focus on the three higher chakras that hit your energy epicenter. This will make you feel detached, serene and leave you sighing with bliss.

Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage

This is a soul nourishing treatment for the whole body to move lymph and reset the nervous system. This is alternative medicine, from the ancient science of India.

Perfect for anyone looking to detox, rebalance and distress.


This is a session for anyone interested in deepening meditation or diving into emotional and/or spiritual healing and guidance. 
The sound session focuses on the 7 energy centers (chakras) of the body that govern our nervous system and physical and emotional body. We begin with a talk session, do a portion on stretch and mobility and finish with a sound bath.
Dis-ease is disharmony in the body. Sound therapy works to bring our body back into harmony, tuning our instrument (body) to it’s natural vibration.

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