Sport Conditioning

At H2 OM, athletes benefit from our conditioning specialists years of research and analysis of sport-specific movements, and how to optimize performance through a well-rounded approach. Our athletes benefit from having a team of professionals guiding them through every step of their athletic career. From training, nutrition, hydration, injury prevention, mental training, and recovery.  

H2 OM also specializes in off-ice conditioning for figure skaters. Our sport conditioning program is designed to develop and enhance athletic ability, and condition for precise skill transference from off-ice to improve on-ice performance and aide in the prevention of injuries.

Figure Skating Program Highlights:

  • Explosive power to improve vertical jump and horizontal stroking power
  • Develop strength, balance and dynamic core stabilization
  • Build speed, agility and co-ordination
  • Rotational flexibility and mechanics are emphasized for key athletic elements
  • Figure skaters and hockey players receive a well-developed and structured off-ice program that addresses their individual needs
  • Personal training for general population individuals as well as sport-specific training for other sports
  • Online Training, Pilates and Stretch sessions available!

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